I built my first website at 12 years old.

Back in the dial-up days, my grandma bought me books on HTML. My career now spans technical and leadership roles, building SaaS products and websites used by millions of people. Even in a business setting, I excel when paired with a talented UX/UI designer.

How have my skills grown?

January 2022 - Current


My dream, along with the ultimate test. I co-founded this creative agency--originally named First Eight--with a longtime friend & colleague. Railshop is where I combine my passion with skill to create the life I dream of living.

November 2014 - January 2022

Blue Sky eLearn

Here I grew my Product Management skills from technical through leadership. Leading the charge for a rapidly growing SaaS product, I organized a stakeholder-rich roadmap, built a highly functioning team, and grew a product that served hundreds of verticals--"from doctors to dog trainers".

February 2012 - October 2014


As a Product Manager, I gained new experience working with investors, international brands, and top-tier design & development agencies. I led on the rebuild of a feature rich SaaS web application that runs sporting events for governing bodies across the world.

April 2012 - January 2013

Barefoot Solutions

As a Sales Engineer, I was involved in bringing multiple in early stage ideas to fruition. This is where I gained my first real experience with medium to large scale software development projects.

November 2011 - October 2012

Steelsmith Group

Cutting my teeth in Southern California, I was the first hire for a new marketing agency. I wore all the hats, from sales and project management to web development and PPC campaigns.

Over the years

Independent Projects

I've taken on dozens of diverse projects, such as owning SMBs like Moonglow Yoga, managing rental properties, building SaaS products like YourOuting, creating ecommerce stores like HFS Sport, or building functional sites like East Snowboard Mag.

The early days


Before my career in technology, I worked for resorts and restaurants. I took college classes. I moved between beach towns and mountains. I learned to play music, surf, snowboard, and love the world for what it already is.

Looking for a collaborator?

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